Maliau Basin

A chance to experience Maliau Basin is definitely for the adventurous at heart, as most of the basin region is still unexplored and completely wild that would require five to eight hours of walk daily with steep uphills hike throughout the four to five days expedition in Maliau Basin. And with basic accommodations and meals set-up, the trip is ideally for those yearning to challenge themselves, and experience the unique rainforest.

Situated in a remote Southern area of Sabah with completely surrounded by insurmountable cliffs, making Maliau Basin separated from the rest of the region and the feel of being in a totally different world of its own. Maliau Basin is reachable by road either via Tawau or Keningau, where the journey of 5 hours requires the use of four wheel drive to reach the Maliau Basin Security Gate.
Flying is another spectacular option for those who have this luxury, there are several helipads made available for emergency evacuations used in case any visitors in need of immediate attention.

Maliau Basin Packages