Tabin Wildlife Reserve

Being one of the largest wildlife reserve that encompass an area of 120 square kilometers of unlogged forest sanctuary for wildlife, Tabin Wildlife Reserve is highly favored by many wildlife enthusiasts, as it is a truly wildlife concentrated area. There had been recorded sightings of all eight species of the Borneo hornbills here, and on a usual trip to Tabin at least three of these species are commonly spotted, which are the Rhinoceros Hornbill, Wrinkled Hornbill and the White Crowned Hornbill. A plus of what is often seen by the resort river is the Borneo pygmy elephants.
Tabin is easily accessible by air with only a 55 minutes on a domestic airlines to Lahad Datu airport, and followed by a 2 hours drive into the wildlife reserve would have taken you to a whole different world of its own. In creating a unique wildlife experience with a difference and lasting memories, Tabin Wildlife Resort accommodation are design to meet visitors expectations in an eco-friendly manner.

Tabin Wildlife Reserve Packages