The gateway to some of the beautiful islands in the East Coast of Sabah, is Semporna. A small town that is mainly populated by the Sea Gypsies, the Bajau Laut community that lives on stilt villages above the water, and some lives inside the traditional Lepa boats.

What flocks tourist here is not so much of its town, but what lies beyond the port of Semporna. The islands off Semporna lies within the Coral Triangle, known as the “Amazon of the Seas” as it is home to more than half of the world reefs. These beautiful islands consist of the Sipadan, Mabul, Kapalai, Pom Pom, Mataking and Tun Sakaran Marine Park are known as a magnificent scuba diving and snorkeling spot.

Getting to Semporna, could either be a flight from Kota Kinabalu City or from Kuala Lumpur through Tawau airport, Semporna is also accessible by road from Lahad Datu town should you are extending tours from here onwards.

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