Crocker Range Park

Crocker Range Park Packages

Crocker Range Park stretches about 120 km from the north to the south of Sabah Borneo, it is a destination for jungle trek, home to the Rafflesia flower and breathtaking waterfalls. Its elevation ranging from 100 meters to 2,050 meters, the Crocker Range Park never failed to awed its visitors with its tropical flora and fauna only endemic to Borneo.

Crocker Range offers an excellent adventures for acceptably fit individuals, with its untapped trails and less public exposure making it an unspoiled destination. Among the best places are the Gunung Alab hike, Mount Trusmadi expedition, Rafflesia Information Center jungle trail and the Mahua Waterfall. Crocker Range Park also serve as a water catchment area to several major rivers in the west coast of Sabah.